Here it is: The Weizenbock and A Little Dabbling in a RyePA!!

About a month back, I decided to brew a wheat beer. I had no clue what kind of wheat beer it was going to be, but I knew I wanted a wheat. I called it “Afternoon Wheat.” Now that it’s finished and I’ve learned more about beer name nomenclature, I can safely call this wheat beer a Weizenbock! Why a weizenbock? Well, because it’s dark in color, it tastes slightly malty, it has very low bitterness, and it’s got a high ABV! I drank one of these yesterday and today and began to feel a buzz just a few sips in. Overall the taste of the beer is refreshing (I can easily see myself popping one of these open at the end of a sweltering hot day), the ABV is high but you’d never guess that just based on the smell and taste of this beer, and it feel smooth going down. Like my Amber ale, I could easily see myself brewing this one again!

On to the RyePA! I had a brew day yesterday evening. After much consideration about what beer type I was going to make next, I decided to try my hand at an IPA. I’m not sure what pushed me to the Rye variety, but that’s what I decided on. I’ll save the Saison recipe idea that I have for the warmer months coming up. Here was the actual recipe I decided on for a three-gallon all-grain batch:

46 ounces of pre-crushed American Pale 2-row grain

24 ounces of Flaked Rye

5 ounces of Carapils (Dextrine malt)

16 ounces of Vienna

16 ounces of Red Wheat

2 ounces of Chocolate

Here’s my dilemma: I can’t remember if I really ended up getting the Red Wheat grains when I went to the homebrew outlet! Something tells me I forgot it; annoying because my ABV will take a hit, but I guess I might have to call this one a Session RyePA if I really forgot the Reds. Ah well.

As for my hops:

0.75 ounces of Glacier pellets at start of boil

0.75 ounces of Glacier pellets 15 minutes into boil

0.25 ounces of Amarillo pellets 30 minutes into boil

0.25 ounces of Amarillo pellets 45 minutes into boil

0.25 ounces of Amarillo pellets 55 minutes into boil

0.25 ounces of Amarillo pellets 60 minutes into boil (end of boil)

Lastly, I went with 9 grams of Nottingham ale yeast for fermentation.

All in all, this brew day went pretty smoothly if I do say so myself. I guess I’m getting better at this hobby.

As usual I will update you all with my review when my home brew is good and ready to enjoy! Until then, happy brewing!